Adult Vest

Adult Vest bills itself as:

The first and only Investment Convention and News Letter geared towards matching investors and successful entrepreneurs with growing adult companies and adult entertainers looking to start up, expand, acquire or be acquired.

Investors will now have an opportunity to review executive summaries from a pool of start-up, small, medium, and large adult related businesses. Companies and talent in the industry can submit opportunities for investors to participate in their businesses; and the investors, the companies, and the talent will all have an opportunity to meet together in the same room at the upcoming AdultVest 2006 convention in Las Vegas, NV.

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Thier web site offers a bunch of hard to find (and some a little outdated) stats and facts about money spent on adult products. This site may be an excellent resource for upstart porn studios and adult web tech frims. As more and more people find the adult vest newsletter, there could be a convergence of good people and good investments.
Investors will find some good stats and other related info, as well as an opportunoty to make contacts with business oportunities that are often not so easy to find.
This should also be an opportunity for adult businesses to get some info out that may attract some good venture capitol. There are many talented people in the adult industry whos projects would get to market quicker and benefit from additional advertising and other resources if investors had a chance to help out. Adult Vest may be the perfect bridge to get some dialogue going without bankers having to try and get an invite to an industry party to make contacts, and porn producers having to go to meeting after meeting, just trying to meet the right gatekeepers.

Adult Vest says it will help connect companies with investors for all kinds of business models including adult content producers, web sites, adult industry marketing / marketers, adult toys, retail stores, strip club, broadcasting, and more…

Adult vest also offers to provide information for adult talent (porn stars, directors, etc), to get thier ideas off the ground as well..

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