Jun 022006

Nectar Offers Hard and Soft Options for Covers
From AVN
By: Thomas J. Stanton

Nectar Entertainment has announced that every title released through their Nectar and 1st Strike lines will include a reversible hard and soft cover.

While Nectar continues to ship their latest titles with the soft version of their foil cover on display, their DVD jewel cases have been including reversible covers that offer both a soft and hard version for nearly a year now.

“In terms of both material costs and labor, reversible covers present the most efficient solution offering retailers display options,” says Sean Logan, CEO of Nectar Entertainment.

“It’s much easier for the retailers, many of whom have some stores where they prefer to display the hard cover and other stores where they prefer to display the soft cover. “

Retailers who prefer the hard version can easily reverse the jewel case insert to display the more graphic version. “The hard versions of our covers tend to be extremely graphic,” notes Logan. “Our hard covers are more than hard enough to attract even your most perverted customers.”

Both the soft and hard versions of Nectar’s covers utilize the same hard back cover.

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