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An excellent resource for those looking to get exposure either as buyer, seller or investor into the different areas of the adult business sectors, now with a new mainstream service to get ads, content, and exposure into the mainstream media market….
The Adult – TAB About Us

THE ADULT BROKER is a front-runner and finds what you need to succeed. TAB’s Premium services of marketing, branding, business development and strategic partnerships are built with your goals in mind. We also provide confidential and individual brokering upon request. Maximize your time, manpower and money with The Adult Broker’s Premium Services and The Broker Board.

With a focus on business to business marketing and deal making, THE ADULT BROKER creates strategic business deals using extensive resources and connections.

TAB has the ability to offer incentive and discount deals in areas such as content, traffic, mailers, media buys and much more. The focus of The Adult Broker is to generate new business leads and new distribution outlets for adult webmasters through exposure and brokering partnerships.

THE ADULT BROKER was created by Lori Z., who has 15 years of strategic marketing and business development experience in television, mainstream and the adult industry.

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  1. hi,
    this is an enquiry from india. we are producing an adult video film of and like hear the best options of selling it.

    hoping to recieve a reply

  2. i am interested in developing adult content for distribution, i need strategies on bench marketing,and developing quality standard adult movies that’s acceptable for marketing to distributor. please send news letter or any information that’s will assist me.Thank YOU

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