Jan 102006

New ways to learn how to create video podcasts, from one of our favorite podcasting sites, podcasting news.

Podcasting News – Learn Video Podcasting From French Maids

Learn Video Podcasting From French Maids

Podcasters can keep abreast of the latest developments in video podcasting with French Maid TV.

The debut episode features the French Maids explaining How to Video Podcast.

We’re not convinced that Laura, Eve or Natalie, the stars of French Maid TV, are either French or maids, but they do an excellent job of explaining the software and gear needed to create a video podcast.

The French Maids explain the gear need to create a video podcast, upgrading to QuickTime 7, connecting a FireWire camera, setting QuickTime preferences, exporting to iPod, publishing to a blog site and even find time for a little dusting and vacuuming.

Tres magnifique!

French Maid TV Video Podcast Details

The actual French Maid podcast itself click here.
(Then click the TV to watch the quicktime file)

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