The Personal Collection Introduces Customer-Designed Print Products to Webmasters

By: Jonah P. Davies
from AVN

The Personal Collection, a Northern California company specializing in customized consumer product development, is introducing its latest line of “personalized products” to the adult entertainment industry via the Internet.

The company’s Web-driven system allows customers to create print products such as “fanbooks” and calendars, using the content provider’s current library. The customer chooses the models and adds personal touches, such as his or her name and other designs.

The Personal Collection is investigating partnerships with adult content providers both big and small. Launch partners have all layout fees waived, and pay zero setup costs. “It could not be easier for the customer or you, the content partner,” says the company’s business development spokesman Daniel Mills. “You already have the content and the fans. Why not offer more ways to increase revenue without spending more money?”

Because of the latest print-on-demand technology, order volume is not an issue. Even relatively low-traffic websites can offer customer-designed products showcasing the websites’ content, thereby increasing revenue.

“Personal Collection acts as a bridge between the two current forms of adult content delivery: printed materials and online streams.” says Ciprian Dosofti, chief executive officer of Evoleto LLC, a cutting-edge European Web development company. “The audience is not only familiar to both technologies, but shows a huge collective interest, which is growing every day. Personal Collection just fills the gap between.”

“The Personal Collection knows that as popular and accepted as the Internet is, there will always be intrinsic value in printed products,” Mills adds. “We allow the adult content provider to easily leverage the latest print-on-demand technology to make their current and future content more valuable to your customers. It’s that simple.”