BSC Mobile Launches all Gay Adult Podcasts

From AVN Online:

BCS Mobile will launch an all-gay adult video clips site for mobile users, the company announced.

AVN Online :: Editorial
One of the first companies to provide strictly gay content for mobile users, BCS Mobile targets viewers of gay adult videos around the world. Users can access the site, set up their accounts, and begin viewing gay porn on their mobile devices.

“What makes us better,” says BCS Mobile Vice President Steve Jack, “is that we are the only service that edits and re-purposes the scenes for mobile use to include the studio’s name, the film title, and the studio website at both the opening and close of each clip. Our reciprocal partner agreement uniquely includes a linked promotional tile space on our site as well a revenue share for each studio to complete the branded delivery experience.”

Once an account is set up, users can stream videos through Web-enabled mobile devices. Security passwords and credit card account access are used to prevent minors and unauthorized access.

BCS Mobile continues to seek out new mobile content. In addition to larger studios, BCS Mobile seeks partnerships with independent and smaller studios.