What is new on the sex web these days?

Well there are a few new projects launching!

We are excited to see new blogs launching to help consumers learn more and engage in conversation with the industry veterans. There is a new blog at sex toys sex movies, and the adult wordpress blogs are going through an upgrade process this week as well! We are hoping to see new themes and functionality to be added including video uploads! Terms for commercial use and premium blog prices have not yet been decided, but that should be hashed out soon. Most likely we’ll see small fees at first that will increase as bandwidth does.

There has been a lot of debate online and off about tube sites, and we have developing our philosophy about tube sites over the past year. Certainly there will be some industry agreements, but will we be able to get everyone on that page? My thought about tubes will take another post (or ten) to get out, but I do think that some changes in the technology would benefit everyone involved in the tube business, and those who are not in the tube business as well.

I’d like to get together with some good tech peeps that know how to use ffmpeg and create a tube program that is easy to use and has features that protect content publishers, as well as make it easier to push for upsells to everyone. The technology is close, and these are plenty of scripts out there already – so it shouldn’t be a huge project!

Well we just wanted to post and let everyone know that we are still dedicated to working on our adult projects, and apologize for the long delay in updating, we have been waiting to see what happened with the election before deciding what direction we were going with our adult projects. Now that’s been decided we are moving forward with the plans!