Stripper Space now beta testing

We have wanted to set up a social network space for strippers for some time now. We dabbled with some software and made attempts to acquire the domain that we wanted for years. This week all that effort has paid off, and we are now beta testing

So far it’s basic, and our initial tests say it’s functional. We are looking for feedback from users and webmasters at this point. Tell us what you think! We have enjoyed helping strippers promote their careers, network, and even get into the adult film portion of the industry. This portal should help them do more of that.

Exotic entertainers should find it a friendly way to share more about themselves, as you can post nude pictures and videos without the worry of getting censored or deleted by myspace, facebook, and the other prude spaces that people have had issues with. This network should be a fun place for fans, exotic entertainers, and strip clubs alike.