Jul 242010
Sex Chat Guru Webmasters make money

Sex Chat Guru Webmasters make money

If you are looking for the best adult webmaster affiliate programs for making money promoting live webcam sex chat girls and guys, then listen up. Definitely make sure that you are promoting the right program! We have been screwed big time by a few of the so called professional webcam affiliates. There are a few programs that are worth promoting, but definitely steer clear of the wrong programs. We have put together a comprehensive directory of the good and bad adult cam affiliates at the sex chat guru web site.

At the sex chat guru web site – you will find out exactly what we think about the big 5 webcam affiliates. Which ones convert? Which ones have the best promo materials? Which ones pay on time? Which cam program seems to skim your sales?

Find out with our webcam affiliate round up for adult webmasters page at sex chat guru.

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