Affiliate wishlist for 2011

For years, and pretty much everyday I wish our affiliates would offer more banners. Even the adult content providers who offer hundreds of banners seem to have very few of the ones that can use well. Due to save issues with the various layouts we use on our sites, it makes it hard to find just the right banner, in just the right size. Often there are existing banners that have the right content, but not the right size. Sometimes there are creatives that have the right size, but not the right content.

Often times it’s something simple like a color scheme, or wrong model in the banners that are already available. Today I was thinking that it would be awesome if our affiliate companies would each hire on two good graphics people to just make custom graphics for all of the affiliate webmasters out here. It would increase the exposure for these affiliates, and definitely keep me working more and more with the programs that could whip up some custom banners promoting their site within a couple days.