Investment Opportunities – Adult

If you’d like to get in on a successful adult business venture, give us a call.

Here at Global Adult Media we have been in many aspects of various adult businesses including over 200 adult themed web sites, sex toys sales retail and online, adult photography, adult video productions, live adult and fetish themed performances, strip clubs, expos and parties; we’ve worked them all. Throughout our experiences we have come up with some very lucrative business ideas, and would welcome investors who would help establish some of these new businesses:

Retail Boutique / Sex Toys stores
Think of Victorias Secret combined with a Hustler Hollywood store. This business plan will make serious money, long term. The concept is proven, and there is already some moves being made in the industry to open buotiques / sex toy shops as chains nationwide by some other retailers, sex toy party businesses, and online businesses that are seeing profits in multiple locations. Some sex toy store chains are aiming for 25 stores a year, if we can hit the target areas first and get established, sales will be high, and profits consistant.

We have the experience, product knowledge, industry contacts, management experience, and even a commercial real estate professional on the team. We just need the start up capitol and 6 months of operating funds to pay for them. There are several great money making locations across the country. Running a new adult boutique / sex toy and video store like most other lackluster shops can make money. Provide a comfortable atmosphere for all to enjoy shopping there with a knowledgable staff and the right marketing, and the business will boom. Contact us for partnership opportunities.

Sex Toy Inventions
We have several design ideas, investment in this area will probably need to be handled by Doc Johnson or California Exotics with some kind of partnership or something.

Feature Movie projects and Mini series production investments

Markets for adult TV, video on demand, and more. Series sponsorship opportunites that can be extended throughout the medium deliveries including interent, dvd television, podcasts and more. A sponshorsip for these programs will offer you the opportunity to place ads in all mediums of release, maximizing your product branding. Calls to action from internet, dvd, cell phone, and podcast users are usually quick to be seen.

Television styled, Reality TV show production investment opportunities
We have three very hot video shows lined up, some require investments of $150,00 and more. The value of the ideas behind these shows in incredible, and therefor details will only be provided to qualified venture capitalists or aptly funded comanies who are willing to sign and follow a non disclosure agreement.

Nightlcubs / Internet Cafes / Strip Clubs / Swing Clubs/ After Hours Clubs
This is one that we have been working on for a few years off and on. Looking at various properites, codes, available equipmnet, etc. This little business idea is hot if done in the right location.

We have quite a bit of experience in these areas and have helped others make money with clubs, stores, music and videos. We have developed preliminary business plans for each of these ventures.

We have a collaboration of several professionals in the industry, and could easily expand into more money making locations.

Contact us for more investment info.

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