Affiliate Wishlists

This is the affiliate wishlist we’ve been wanting to create forever. When we kick back and discuss things that we wished such and such affiliate would do.. Hopefully this list will continue not only to grow, but also shrink as the wishes come true.

One affiliate has been excellent at working with us and our ides to make the program better and more profitable for both of us. – A couple years ago pecash added add on product recommendations to the checkout page, which we send a good amount of traffic to, and the sales increased.

More affiliate wishes will most likely end up on separate sub pages as we actually get some of our ideas in print and they add up.

Some general quickies that apply across the board:

Affiliate Banners!
More banners, more webmaster banners, more odd size, more non hardcore. More banner options! How about some general banner art?! If you guys all had just 30 licensed images, with some logos and urls in font styles, most of us could create banners from the pieces in the sizes that work best for us, and you!
It is so frustrating when you actually find an affiliate that you want to promote heavy, knowing that it is going to sell well to consumers or webmasters, only to find that the available banner art does not fit into the overall art / color scheme of your own site. So many times I have wished that the individual images of a gif were downloadable, so I could adjust the color scheme, or do a resize.

Don’t EVER change our affiliate codes / links

There is nothing that pisses me off more than anything about an affiliate program. If you have to change your back end, I suggest that you find a way to take old links, urls and affiliate codes and make them work with your new program. Surely there is a system to make this happen.

User tracking and webmaster affiliate tracking

Something that really gets my goat is when I link to an affiliate page and then there is no tracking for webmaster referrals. I expect all future affiliates to have strong tracking for my customers, webmaster referrals (including tracking if the webmaster comes from say “” and just types into the browser to your main site.

I also expect all future affiliates to offer me a percentage of sales on other sites / products offered on your page. I am not sending traffic to a site trying to get a 30% commission off the full gallery upgrade, when your page also has ads for sex toys, or popups offering viagra, if I don’t get a cut of the other products. If you make landing page for me to send traffic to, keep all the other ads and crap off that page, or cut us in to the profits.

Customer / Webmaster tracking and rebills.
There are some affiliates that are really great at this; the live sex chat cams through flirtforfree, keep track of returning customers, and we get paid for customers who return two weeks, and six months later, it’s nice. Flirtforfree is not the easiest site to get a webmaster referral sign up however, if you send traffic to their page with your code in it, it is nearly impossible to find a way to navigate for information about signing up, and I sincerely doubt that we are automatically credit with sending the webmaster. If anyone knows more about how this work, please comment.

With some of our other affiliates we have yet to see much indication that we are getting credited for returning customers and webmaster affiliate signups. – That is quite disturbing, and is making consider having our own affiliate programs set up that do this shit right.

Customer Service

You all (almost all of you) need more customer service handlers. Even if you could just add one more guy to the team to handle issues with us webmasters. In internet time, we could send you an account request at 2am, your whoever gets it the next day, forwards it to your accounting department, and it doesn’t end up getting back to use for 4 days.. in internet time this is serious red flag. Makes me think about pulling all the links and backing out of that kind of a dysfunctional relationship.

more on this later…

Sign Up Delays

If your system is setup in some way to delay us it becomes a real drag. My suggestion is to have a “quick links” displayed upon sign up. Even if your program has some kind of moderation, or approval process, you could still give me a few link codes and a couple of banners to use in the site I am making right now. By the time you all get around to approving my app, I could have already added your links to dozens of pages.

more on this later…

Affiliate wishes specific to individual affiliates below

porn pay sites. These pages will be a collaborative blog area, and will reflect several webmasters’ ideas from Global Adult Media.

Comments are welcome.

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