A concept for making porn people want to own on DVD / Blu-Ray

I’d love to write a full rant about how the porn business and music business of years past set themselves up for failure with excessive greed and many bad choices – but perhaps I will write that up in a different post. I only have time to get the basics of this idea out today, hopefully with enough details for it to make sense and not get laughed at, maybe I will update this post with more details to reinforce the point later. For now, I saw a DVD set online today that made me remember my suggestions to those in music business years ago (that seemed to fall on deaf ears) – it is something I have seen some mainstream movie houses doing, and with porn more mainstream than ever, I think it is now possible for some in the industry to apply this model for consistent sales of series series if done right.

First it’s going to take top talent to produce movies with the hottest actors and actresses – it’s gotta look good in HD, and the movie itself has to match the cover. Secondly, the movie box and cover has got to have art value, something that you want to display on your shelf / DVD rack or whatever. It needs to be artistic and alluring. There are many things that can be done to make this better than what we see in most of the porn releases. Disney seems to make some great boxes and artwork that goes with their series – this could certainly be done with some of the porn series out there, and I would suggest two versions – an artcore pg-13 cover and more hardcore for those who live without kids or want to be risque like in a college dorm.

Sure this won’t work for massive sales, as not everyone will have the ability to display a huge porn collection in the living room, but I have some ideas for expanding upon that as well. Before I get into the porn chest locking art thing, we need more box sets to fit into it to make it worth adding to a room in the first place.

The movie that I saw today that made me think of this is the Voracious erotic vampire set from director John Stagliano.

I think whoever develops a line of hot art boxes will be able to make consistent sales to those who want to display erotic art at home, but often can not afford the good erotic art that is available, yet would feel they are getting a two-for-one by purchasing good porn and good art in one.

More on this later.

Porn biz desires for 2012

I have seen a lot of changes in the porn business over the years, and I still have some hopes for the future being brighter with a few changes. Sure, many of these may not happen, but I do think the porn business would benefit from making some adjustments in several areas. I’ve seen the change from the full length films in the theaters to the VHS tapes at, DVDs, the internet, blu-ray, some 3D and everything in between. There have been many great changes over the years, and there have been some big missteps as well.

Without rambling too long about the mistakes of the porn industry and getting into the great free porn and tube site debate, I’d like to mention a couple of big mistakes and then get on to the things that can make everything better for everyone in the future. The porn industry, just like the music industry got overly greedy some years back, and with porn sales going through the roof, rather than invest that money in establishing brands and customer loyalty, many producers and retails jumped onto the greed wagon and left a bad taste in consumer’s mouths. It’s no wonder that so many people flock to tube sites to find what they were looking for, when for years the industry made it a game to advertise girls on a cover that barely made an appearance in the film, and made big claims about “tons of anal and stars in never before seen footage” – only to be disappointing in seeing merely a glimpse of what they thought they were buying.

The music business engaged in much of a similar ploy when re-releasing tons of music on CD – and even though millions of consumers bought into the “digitally remastered” versions, and such as that – in the end people realizes they were paying too much to listen to the same music they had already purchased before. While distributors were raking in the dough without spending much to create new content or invest in branding good content for future sales. All of that greed from the producers to the distributors and retailers has come back to haunt those in the music and porn business. The past is what it is, but it should be a lesson for the future and I fear that many are not even aware of the reasoning for today’s lackluster sales – instead simply blaming others and complaining about tubes and other free porn sites.

If your company has been providing what content the customer wants and a price that is comfortable for them, then they would be coming back for more. It amazes me to see porn stores finally changing their appearance to be better lit and cleaner and nicer today, then they should of taking the money they were making before and investing in making it better in the first place. Unfortunately it is the reaction to losing sales that is forcing so many change, and now everyone is playing catch up, and doing it with less resources and against more fierce competition.

My main desires for 2012 in the porn biz is for everyone to get on their own page, get their branding together and stick with it, and help people to promote it. Let’s get real, take the resources you are spending on fighting about free porn sites, and create some free porn that is easy to promote and pushes your brand. I would like to see more from the likes of wicked and more ninn workx style videos coming to market, and with them coming promo materials that are easy to reinforce the brand. If you are producing hardcore gonzo, then stick with that, and make it easy for webmasters and retailers to promote your brand.

I see some producers out there making great content, and then failing when it comes to making it easy for webmasters to promote it. I see some companies trying to produce so many different types of porn under the same umbrella that people are not able to recognize if that brand is hardcore, softcore, low budget or feature film – I don’t even know what to expect when I see some logos out there.

For those of you out there that have people working against your affiliates and retailers in order to push up your bottom line, you are going to find yourself left without many of the best salespeople working for you. As the bigger names try to take over search results and threaten smaller guys with loss of revenue in order to “protect your brand” – what you are doing is failing to offer guidance for others to help promote your brand, and taking out the thousands of opportunities to have others working for you.

I see a lot of short sighted protectionist plays and conflicts of interest where companies are still looking at greed for to squeeze a few extra bucks out of the world, and all the while failing to see how they are losing the future to others who playing by the new rules. I’d love to elaborate on this more, and perhaps while in another blog post.

I would also like to see the business develop a new model to enhance porn performer’s careers and bottom lines, and it could be done in a way that helps to protect the producer’s brands as well. I know many will not do this, and for those who even consider it, it could be a serious pain to get the logistics in place, but perhaps a hybrid future model could blend this little fantasy into becoming a reality. What I am talking about is offering girls a slice of the rights. Before you write it off, call me crazy and start to flame and hate me, consider a new way to do it.

Let’s say rather than give an all out percentage, we were to include the performer as partial owner to the rights of the project and instead of divvying up a chunk of each and every sale, we put in performance bonuses to certain marks, like the first 1000 DVD sales, and 5,000 pay per view, stuff like that. Give them a portion of the copyright, and some of these girls will be able to help the production house in many ways.

For one, a performer having rights to a certain production would be able to seek out unauthorized videos on the net and file a dmca complaint herself – many of these girls have the time to do it. They would also be able to leverage their fan base in reporting the places that are showing unauthorized videos – something that the big labels will most likely never get to happen, a porn star would get fans to seek them out and report them 24 hours a day.

Having mile marker bonuses would also encourage girls to do things like DVD signings, either live or via the internet to increase sales. There are many other bonuses to setting things up this way – and it would be a very powerful alliance that would bridge the chain from producer to star to fans. It would get some of the girls to become a free pr department rather than a work for hire contact with no interest in the success of the final product. We would also see girls working harder to make good porn in the first place – and these would benefit everyone, as we see so few of the girls interested in making a well selling flick these days and we see girls who go through the motions to just to satisfy the requirements of getting paid for today’s shoot.

I am not talking about getting in an RIAA or BMI type of rights and royalties situation – I am just throwing an idea out there that could be a big one. If some places got into this in a way that is a healthy relationship for everyone it would make a great impact in many areas, and realistically it wouldn’t cost anything. Sure it’d be a pain in the ass to track and do stats and keep up with bonuses, but the increased sales and exposure would certainly make up for it.

I have several other great ideas for some better futures for all of us in the biz, but I will category those and make some more posts in those categories. There’s a couple of things to think about this year. More on this later.

Affiliate wishlist for 2011

For years, and pretty much everyday I wish our affiliates would offer more banners. Even the adult content providers who offer hundreds of banners seem to have very few of the ones that can use well. Due to save issues with the various layouts we use on our sites, it makes it hard to find just the right banner, in just the right size. Often there are existing banners that have the right content, but not the right size. Sometimes there are creatives that have the right size, but not the right content.

Often times it’s something simple like a color scheme, or wrong model in the banners that are already available. Today I was thinking that it would be awesome if our affiliate companies would each hire on two good graphics people to just make custom graphics for all of the affiliate webmasters out here. It would increase the exposure for these affiliates, and definitely keep me working more and more with the programs that could whip up some custom banners promoting their site within a couple days.

The adult online shift continues

There is a huge shift that has been going online for a while now, and for those that are on the broadband wave, enjoying adult entertainment online has become all about great video. Whether it’s free sample video clips, or live webcam girls, or full length, HD videos for your high def TV or monitor, it’s all about great video.

People who have had broadband for a while, and the higher resolutions monitors are looking at video quality as much as they are the content. For a long time people would watch porn for the content, no matter the quality.

Adult webmaster webcam live chat affiliate programs

Sex Chat Guru Webmasters make money
Sex Chat Guru Webmasters make money

If you are looking for the best adult webmaster affiliate programs for making money promoting live webcam sex chat girls and guys, then listen up. Definitely make sure that you are promoting the right program! We have been screwed big time by a few of the so called professional webcam affiliates. There are a few programs that are worth promoting, but definitely steer clear of the wrong programs. We have put together a comprehensive directory of the good and bad adult cam affiliates at the sex chat guru web site.

At the sex chat guru web site – you will find out exactly what we think about the big 5 webcam affiliates. Which ones convert? Which ones have the best promo materials? Which ones pay on time? Which cam program seems to skim your sales?

Find out with our webcam affiliate round up for adult webmasters page at sex chat guru.

New chat portals on the web Jan 2010

The new year – 2010 welcomes several new chat portals on the web. Communicating in real time is an important aspect of today’s adult online communities, and chat portals give the perfect balance of usability and speed. We enjoy finding new places to chat with people we have not yet met. Of course we always get back to the tried and true favorites to talk with the friend we have already met as well.
Some of the new chat portals we have founded this year include:

sex chat party

free sex chat world

adult cybersex chat

sex chat space

sexo chat en espanol

no registration sex chat

adult webcam video chat

Free adult cybersex chat

Adultos Chat en Espanol

We welcome you to check these out, and give us some feedback. As of today they are all beta 1.0 launches. Many new graphics and upgrades are planned. We want to hear from the adult community about what you want in a favorite chat portal. It is your suggestions that have led us to create these new places on the web.

NS cash – New Sensations webmaster affiliate

New sensations has some really good photography, and some unique content for some of the popular porn girls. Overall I am not impressed with the amount of new content they offer for webmasters to promote. But if you are going for quality over quantity, then there are some gems within this program.

Click here to sing up for NS cash and see what they have to offer.

They do have some exclusives, which can be a great selling point if someone is a big fan or collector of stuff from girls like gauge, New Sensation has some pictures and video they can’t find anywhere else.


I just looked deeper into the banners they offer, and it seems they do have a lot of sites to promote. Perhaps the slow down in content available was only during the holiday – we’ll have to revisit this one.

Adult friend finder sites affiliate program

Adult friend finder is one of the most popular affiliate programs for adult webmasters. They also have a slew of other sites to promote. If you want to promote cams.com, or Penthouse.com, or ALt.com you need to sign up for this affiliate program.

adult friend finder affiliate program
adult friend finder affiliate program

Plenty of good banners. Not a lot of galleries for the penthouse web site, but overall great promotional tools, and several options for getting paid based upon traffic or signups or rev share.

They also are the program for bondage.com, Danni.com,  getiton.com, lesbian personals,  and several others.

Hot Movies VOD webmaster affiliate program

Hot movies is a good site, not super fancy – but it’s got a huge amount of porn videos, and it’s pretty simple for the surfers. Find the movie you like, pay a few bucks and watch it. The best thing about their pay-per-minute vod porn, is that you can buy a a package of minutes, and watch the 10 scenes of your favorite girl from 10 different DVDs, rather than having to pay to watch each and every DVD your favorite porn star is in. This is a great sales pitch to everyone, as it’s a great deal.

They have a decent amount of banners, tons of custom sites you could link to for fetishes, and tons of hosted gallereis to go along with all those movies. I really think pay per minute porn like this is the future of adult video on the web. These guys and couple others out there are on it.

Webmasters click here to start promoting the hot movie affiliate program

hot movies affiliate program
hot movies affiliate program

They also have clips.com which is a similar service, lots of amateur people uploading clips to share and split revenues. It’s brilliant.

I’d love to see their gallery exporter give a pip delimited option, and I would like to see a site redesign in the future that would make the “next page” links bigger, and an ad with the pitch I posted above. Perhaps that could happen one day.