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In an article from the London Free Press, by By P.J. HARSTON, BUSINESS EDITOR, there is discussion about how well sex toys sell at sex toys parties.

In an article from the London Free Press, by By P.J. HARSTON, BUSINESS EDITOR, there is discussion about how well sex toys sell at sex toys parties.

Hanna Ibson is no ordinary sex-toy salesperson. She’s a champion.

The 48-year-old, lifelong London resident was recently named Fantasia’s top sales consultant in Canada for 2005.

The honour comes on the heels of winning the provincial title three years running.

“I’m willing to do what it takes to be Number One,” Ibson says. And to her that means treating the customer right.

“I love what I do, I love what I represent and I’m very proud of what I represent,” she says. “And I care. I guess that’s the most important part. I care.”

And what is it that she cares about? In a nutshell, it’s bringing people pleasure in the form of Fantasia products.

If you’re not familiar with Fantasia, think of it as the Tupperware of the 21st Century.

Officials at the 25-year-old, Montreal-based company describe it as “the sex shop that comes to your door.”

Consultants go to Fantasia parties of up to a dozen or so people — mainly women and couples — and provide a “show-and-tell” presentation on the company’s products: powders, bubble bath, oils and, of course, sex toys.

Hanna, who has presented at exactly 1,233 of these parties since joining Fantasia in 1998, set a company record last November for sales in a single month.

“This has been an amazing year for me,” she said. “Not only because so many people have booked their party with me, but the sales at my parties have been phenomenal this year. The industry is really taking off and I’m proud to be part of it.”

I asked Hanna what the secret to her success is and suggested that perhaps London is under-serviced when it comes to sex toys and other sex-related paraphernalia.

“London is quite a conservative town, actually,” she said. “It all depends on the group you’re presenting to.”

Hanna’s territory stretches three hours by car in any direction away from London — a huge swath of Southern Ontario dotted with towns and villages.

“I’ve been all over the place and they’re all different — different towns, different people and different groups. I’m pretty good at sizing up a group quickly and figuring out exactly how I’m going to talk to them and what I’m going to talk to them about. It can be tricky,” she said. “I’ve learned to go with the flow.”

Hanna’s involvement with Fantasia happened quite by accident.

About 12 years ago, the former proofreader, typesetter and production manager was moonlighting with another company that sold women’s wear in a similar Tupperware party-like fashion.

Hanna’s friend asked her to go along with her to a Fantasia party as a favour.

“I was very impressed with the quality of the presentation,” she said.

A few months later, after talking with Fantasia representatives and attending a few more parties, she realized that Fantasia offered a better opportunity for her as a sales consultant.

Now, nearly eight years later, Hanna is not only a top consultant, but she also trains new consultants, one of just three trainers in Ontario.

Consultants have to go through a rigorous and thorough 40-hour training workshop before they can represent the company at parties. The training is critical, says Hanna, because it helps consultants get comfortable with what could be an uncomfortable sales experience.

“I did wonder, when I was starting out, if I could do it. Could I use photographs and diagrams to explain sex products?” she said.

“You learn to present it as an acceptable product. And 80 per cent of what I sell is of a non-sexual nature — powders and bubble baths and oils.”

But in order to succeed, Hanna also sells plenty of vibrators.

Her top seller?

“Any of the bullet toys are big sellers,” she said. “They’re unobtrusive, don’t look like a penis and they’re non-male threatening.”

When asked to share some of her sales technique, Hanna explained: “You have to learn how to look at people like they’re not walking wallets.

You have to care. Once you’ve mastered that, it’s easy.”

To learn more about Fantasia or to contact Hanna, visit

For sex toys party supplies, visit sex toys

Pod2Mobile Intros Advertising Service for Podcasters

Pod2Mobile has introduced a suite of advertising services for podcasters. The service can incorporate advertising into podcasts as they are delivered to consumer’s mobile phones over-the-air using Pod2Mobile’s software application.

“With our solution, anyone from a Fortune 500 company to a blog with big ambitions to a budding band can quickly and easily launch an ad campaign that is highly targeted and affordable,” said Brad Zutaut, co-founder of Pod2Mobile.

Pod2Mobile’s automated podcast advertising model allows for the following functionality:

* Audio ads (up to 20 seconds) at the beginning of each podcast
* Podcast and Category targeting for audio ads
* Advertiser control panel for easy campaign creation and content upload
* Stat tracking (demographical and time-based) for graphical ad click-through ratios
* Stat tracking (demographical and time-based) for audio ad delivery
* Easy and cost-effective means to launch advertising campaign
* Ads can be submitted and broadcast in 24 hours or less using the automated insertion functionality
* Podcast specific graphical ads
* Demographic (age & gender) based graphical ads
* Category-based graphical ads

While Apple Computer has sold approximately 42 million of their iPod players, there are presently more than 200 million mobile phone users in the US and over 700 million mobile phones worldwide, according to Gartner Research.

According to Pod2Mobile, their application transforms mobile handsets into podcasting remote controls.


Story from Podcasting News.

Tightfit Unveils New DVD Packaging

By: Carlos Martinez
from AVN

CHATSWORTH, Calif. – Tightfit Productions has unveiled its new packaging for its DVDs, featuring a cardboard fold-out package with a packet of 20 5×7 stills from the enclosed movie.

“About half our distributors love it and the other half wants to keep things the way they are,” said Tightfit president Oren Cohen.

The packaging is making its debut this month on its new titles, House Pets, Asian Mayhem, and Latin Mayhem.

The packaging, which also features a stenciled company logo, was inspired by media kits issued during a recent automotive convention Cohen attended.

“I just thought it was great to see the printed material and images like that,” he said.

The new packaging, however, will not remain the same if Cohen has his say.

“I want to change the packaging every six months to keep it fresh and exciting,” he said.

“I told myself a long time ago that if I wanted to stand out in this business that I would have to do things different.”

Until recently, the company had featured hologram-like paper which, unlike most packaging which opens vertically, opens horizontally.

The son of veteran magazine distribution executive Simon Cohen, Oren Cohen started Tightfit productions last year under his family’s Lucky Media distribution arm. The label produces gonzo and wall-to-wall features, handling hardcore, fetish and ethnic titles.

Meanwhile, Tightfit’s latest release, House Pets, features blonde squirt girl Angela Stone doing the domination thing with brunette hottie Nyomi Zen.

“Angela just drenched everybody in sight by the time it was all over,” Cohen said.

“I don’t think there was anyone who wasn’t soaked.”

Besides Stone’s squirting sequence, Christie Lee gets into some hard action with Mr. Marcus who delves deep into Lee’s ass before the scene comes to a messy climax.

The title also features Lucia, Naomi, Sledge Hammer and Billy Glide.

Newly-released Asian Mayhem features Asian hottie Mika Tan who takes a double pummeling from Marco and Chris Charming. The petite Tan doesn’t miss a beat as she finishes off the two with her unique enthusiasm.

Rounding out the cast are Kaiya Lynn, Keeani Lei, and Phoenix and Loni, who double team their stud, as do Nyomi and Sydnee in their scene.

Tightfit can be reached at (818) 779-1400.

Printing Company Not Shy with Adult

From an article by Thomas J. Stanton, from AVN – Printing Company Not Shy with Adult

Print Quickness, a printing company based in Florida with clients all over the world, is taking on several adult entertainment companies as clients. Its clients include everything from feature dancers to adult talent, as well as numerous Adult clubs, publications and modeling agencies.


Read more about the unusual stance, and how far they go with mixing mainstream and adult – at AVN, or head over to thier web site at

Zero Tolerance Offers Adult Marketing Program for retail adult stores

Zero Tolerance Offers Adult Marketing Program for retail adult stores

Excerpts from an article at AVN
By: Thomas J. Stanton

The recently released Adult M-2-M Program, started by Zero Tolerance Entertainment, Third Degree Films and Black Ice Limited – has apparently been welcomed with open arms, by adult distributors and retailers, alike.

Currently, the company is assisting retailers with in-store merchandising items such as – shelf talkers, mobiles, posters, window decals and freestanding Point of Purchase displays.

“We couldn’t be happier with the response we are getting from the POP displays and merchandising materials,” explained Debi Y. of Adult Mart, an adult retail chains. “Free posters, shelf talkers, mobiles, and displays, plus a ZT representative to set it all up and do all the work. It doesn’t get any easier than this.”

For additional information on the Adult M-2-M Program, contact Greg at 866-438-9376 or

Visit for more information.

It’s nice to see a manufacturere / production company getting more invloved in helping the point of sale for retailers. with so much new product hitting the shelves it is sometimes difficult to point out new products and help retail staff distinguish between all the different content available today. With the Zero tolerance shelf talkers and other materials sales will certainly increase for thier products. Hopefully other companies will address these issues and waiting to get a promotional poster will be a thing of the past.


Buy Blog Traffic

Buy Blog Traffic: It’s Self-Explanatory
By: Todd Lewis

ORANGEVILLE, Ontario – Buy Blog Traffic, recently-launched by the folks at Gallery Traffic Service, is offering paid advertising on some of the world’s largest adult blogs and gambling blog sites.

Among the sites Buy Blog Traffic represents are Gawker Media’s powerhouse porn blog Fleshbot. BBT also is selling spots on,,,,,, and

“There is no doubt that the popularity of niche-based blogs has spawned a new era in traffic generation,” says Mark Hurson, company founder. “We saw an opportunity to offer advertisers a new way to get their brands exposed to a hugely popular traffic market.”

Marketers can purchase a variety of ad placements to promote their websites and products. is owned by the same company that owns GTS, Nichespots, Submitpasses, and P2PAds.

Article found at AVN Online

P2P Ads has begun offering CPM-based traffic

P2P Ads has begun offering CPM-based traffic and niche-targeted traffic. The option starts at $5 per thousand views and gives buyers the potential to reach millions of peer-to-peer users seeking a variety of adult-oriented themes.

From an AVN Online :: Editorial

P2P Ads has the ability to target any niche an advertiser would like to brand or send traffic to. From Asian anal to Zdenka, any product, service, or website can be marketed with P2P Ads.

“Our full campaigns have been very successful for our clients, but there was a demand for smaller campaigns where buyers could ‘test the waters,’” says Brad Gosse, founder of P2P Ads. “We listened to our buyers’ needs and created this revolutionary new option that allows all buyers with a small or large budget to purchase campaigns.”

P2P Ads continues to offer a full-campaign option that provides an indefinite stream of traffic for one setup fee. “The biggest difference between the two models will be the residual traffic and branding opportunities that the full campaigns offer,” says Gosse.

For sales and information and to take advantage of this traffic source, contact

Erotic Card Pack Accepting Advertisers

Erotic Card Pack Accepting Advertisers

The Erotic Card Pak is beginning to accept advertisers for its Winter 2006 edition. Space registration closes February 15 for a March 21 mail date.

Excerpt from the story at AVN:
By: Eddie Adams

Erotic Card Pack (ECP) is a co-op mailing where 15 to 20 companies band together to pool their resources, thus reducing the cost to mail to a large quantities of consumers. Each client gets their own card to showcase their videos, website, products or services.

“Erotic Card Pack is a great way to generate new leads and business,” Ian McGee, advertising sales director for ECP, said. “We mail ECP three times a year to 100,000 erotica buyers, it’s a proven winner. Almost every advertiser who started with us for the launch issue has come back for three subsequent mailings.”

According to McGee, the main reason advertisers come back are low prices and a record of success pushing product.

For a company to reach 100,000 proven direct mail buyers it would normally cost around $35,000. With a co-op mailing the costs are reduced to approximately $5,000, just a little under five cents a contact.

Conversion rates vary from a half percent to 2 percent, depending on the product and type of ad placed in the package. A conversion rate of 2 percent would provide an advertiser with 2,000 new customers that have expressed an interest in the advertiser’s products and services.

Read the whole story at AVN:
AVN :: Articles – Erotic Card Pack Accepting Advertisers

For more information about the erotic card pack for adult merchandisers check out

Adult TV Ads

From AVN we enjoyed an article with a new company which is brokering adult television ads –

From AVN we enjoyed an article with anew company which is brokering adult television ads – starting out with cable stations in California, AdultTVads dot com says it will not feature any nudity on the tv ads, but will advertise everything from new porn releases to adult web sites….

This may be one of the few advertising areas that google will not take over, so the outlook for adult tv ads is good.

AVN Online :: Editorial, a month-old adult entertainment advertising company, has its first client, AEBN, whose ads will appear on Los Angeles area cable networks starting next week.
Stiltz said that since forming his company, the response has been tremendous.

“Sin City, Metro and Vicious Media have all expressed interest in the possibility of advertising; however, the ads willshow no nudity,” Stiltz told

Metro Announces New Adult Publication

Another new magazine is launched for the adult entertainment biz – this one from Metro, and will focus more on pornstars and target cosumers as much as adult B2B…

Another new magazine is launched for the adult entertainment biz – this one from Metro, and will focus more on pornstars and target cosumers as much as adult B2B…

From AVN:

AVN Articles – Metro Announces New Publication

DVD Buzz will be a new monthly magazine that will expand on and take the place of Mixxxed Media Magazine, which was previously Metro’s free publication, handed out through its affiliated retail establishments.

Metro will continue its free store handout with DVD Buzz and will create an expanded version to be distributed on newsstands and bookstores in the United States and Canada in May through Curtis International Distributors.

DVD Buzz will be a nationally distributed, consumer-based monthly publication featuring full color, glossy pages. The monthly review guide will showcase the adult entertainment industry with a main focus on adult stars, photo layouts, porn star biographies, adult activities, novelties and of course adult DVDs.

Sales and Advertising inquiries: Bruno Hazen, Vice President Traffik/Metro Media One Metro Park Road Cranston, RI 02910

401-461-2200 ext. 121 401-461-2442 (fax) 860-658-9000 (cell)
Metro Interactive Web Site