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Mayer Laboratories’ Manga Sutra Display Hits Market for Sex Toy Retailers

Mayer Laboratories’ Manga Sutra Hits Market
Graphic novel provides sex tips and tricks.
From AVN
By Adrian Peterson

Posted: 5:00 AM PST Jan 23, 2008

BERKELEY, Calif. – Mayer Laboratories Inc. has released Manga Sutra, a graphic novel the company describes as the “best-selling sex guide of Japan.”

“Manga is a Japanese cartoon style that is now a multibillion-dollar industry world-wide,” said Public Relations Representative Fabio Rios. He said millions of copies are sold in Japan every week, and the United States’ manga market is estimated to be $200 million.

The “how to” sex guide is a graphic novel about two young newlyweds exploring their sex life. Neither of the characters knows anything about sex. The book is fully illustrated and graphic but made in a tasteful and humorous manner, Rios said.

Manga Sutra provides tips and tricks, from foreplay to afterglow, that are designed to help partners better please each other.

“I’ve flipped through the book, and I must say it’s very exciting,” Rios said.
Rios said Mayer Laboratories has created a point-of-purchase display that includes a variety of Kimono condoms and Aqua Lube lubricants. Each pack of Kimono condoms in the display includes a 16-page Manga Sutra teaser.