other sites ranking and aggregating info for chat sites

In the past 24 hours I have been checking for other places that are talking about chat sites on the internet, mainly looking to see what other people are saying about the various portals. It amazes me sometimes when checking stats to see that a good chunk of traffic for some of our adult sites come from emails sent to people from friends. It also amazes me how people will start conversations about sites in various blogs and other online communities. More surprising the past day has been finding so many aggregation sites posting info.

There seems to be a slew of places that list page rank, traffic, ranking, site values and other information. I guess this info is public anyway, but seeing places setup entire sites dedicated to showcasing other people’s stats and stuff is kind of weird. I am not exactly sure how I feel about places like this checker just promoting information without consent. I guess there is nothing that can be done about it, other than post around the web saying that these automated valuations don’t have a clue sometimes, that should be obvious, I just hope people don’t consider any of the gospel.

What is new on the sex web these days?

Well there are a few new projects launching!

We are excited to see new blogs launching to help consumers learn more and engage in conversation with the industry veterans. There is a new blog at sex toys sex movies, and the adult wordpress blogs are going through an upgrade process this week as well! We are hoping to see new themes and functionality to be added including video uploads! Terms for commercial use and premium blog prices have not yet been decided, but that should be hashed out soon. Most likely we’ll see small fees at first that will increase as bandwidth does.

There has been a lot of debate online and off about tube sites, and we have developing our philosophy about tube sites over the past year. Certainly there will be some industry agreements, but will we be able to get everyone on that page? My thought about tubes will take another post (or ten) to get out, but I do think that some changes in the technology would benefit everyone involved in the tube business, and those who are not in the tube business as well.

I’d like to get together with some good tech peeps that know how to use ffmpeg and create a tube program that is easy to use and has features that protect content publishers, as well as make it easier to push for upsells to everyone. The technology is close, and these are plenty of scripts out there already – so it shouldn’t be a huge project!

Well we just wanted to post and let everyone know that we are still dedicated to working on our adult projects, and apologize for the long delay in updating, we have been waiting to see what happened with the election before deciding what direction we were going with our adult projects. Now that’s been decided we are moving forward with the plans!

Breach worries online porn industry

from yahoo news / AP

Breach worries online porn industry

By GEOFF MULVIHILL, Associated Press Writer Fri Jan 11, 5:31 PM ET

MOUNT LAUREL, N.J. – When operators of sex-oriented Web sites gather at the Internext convention starting Sunday in Las Vegas, a major leak at a little New Jersey company is likely to be a big topic.

Freehold-based Too Much Media, which sells accounting software for adult Web sites, told its customers last month that a security breach on its computers allowed hackers to access various adult Web sites’ subscriber lists.

Keith Kimmel of Norman, Okla., who runs two Web sites that feature porn, said the breach has the potential to embarrass.

“Would you really want a record floating around the Internet that you subscribe to hardcore bondage?” he asked.

Indeed, it appears stolen personal and company information is being used to bombard subscribers, many of whom would rather not have their identities known, with junk e-mails advertising sexually explicit images from competitors. No credit information appears to have been stolen.

Company co-founder John Albright said someone stole addresses and passwords from Too Much Media’s computers that allowed them to log onto its customers’ porn Web sites as the webmasters and extract information about porn subscribers and the Web sites that refer them.

Too Much Media’s Next-Generation Administration and Tracking Software, known as NATS, tracks referrals to porn Web sites from other sites and calculates how much the affiliate sites are owed. The porn purveyors typically pay the affiliates a portion of their subscription revenue.

Using the e-mail addresses and passwords, the hackers — seeking customers for still other porn enterprises — sent around new waves of pornographic spam, Albright said.

Practically everyone with an e-mail address has to contend with unwanted e-mails from porn purveyors.

But industry experts say online porn customers are especially concerned about keeping their subscriptions private and would not want their actual patronage of porn sites revealed by means of individualized spam that a friend or family member might see.

Jim McAnally, who has published porn on the Internet since 1993, said he’d never heard about such a serious breach in the industry.

“There’s a loss, in my opinion, of user confidence,” said McAnally, of Atlanta, who owns six porn sites and uses the Too Much Media software.

McAnally said he expects lots of chatter at the Internext convention, which follows close on the heels of the Adult Entertainment Expo that ran from Wednesday through Saturday, in Las Vegas, about how to prevent such breaches in the future.

It’s been a big topic over the last few weeks on the online message board he runs for webmasters of adults sites.

Porn is one of the oldest businesses on the Internet. Countless adult sites offer video, photos and even cartoons dealing with sex.

Many of Too Much Media’s customers had security measures in place to block the invasion, Albright said. But he said the company no longer stores the e-mail addresses and passwords of its customers.

“The story’s been sensationalized,” Albright said. “It’s not like people are taking this information to go out there and say, ‘John Smith bought a subscription to this Web site.’ It’s just used to market more porn Web sites.”

Corey Silverstein, a lawyer for MojoHost, a Farmington Hills, Mich., Web hosting company that counts porn sites among its clients, said 13 use the NATS software. All of them reported that their information had been accessed because of the breach at Too Much Media, he said.

“Thousands of individual accounts were wide open for anyone on the Internet to go in and take,” said Silverstein.

The addresses gathered by NATS customer Web sites may be especially valuable to porn companies. As more free porn sites pop up, fewer people are willing to subscribe to the paid ones, Silverstein said.

Silverstein said he expects the online porn world to tighten its security standards because of the Too Much Media problem.


On the Net:


Porn companies challenged by Internet sites

from yahoo news / Reuters

By Adam Tanner Fri Jan 11, 2:21 PM ET

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) – After years of booming sales supported by videotapes, DVDs and the Internet, the adult film industry is being challenged by easy video-sharing Web sites offering explicit content for free.

“We’re dealing with rampant piracy, tons of free content,” said Steven Hirsch, co-founder of privately held Vivid, the best-known studio making sex films.

Vivid once earned 80 percent of its roughly $100 million a year from DVD sales, but last year that fell to 30 percent, Hirsch said in an interview.

The Internet challenge, a topic of discussion at the biggest adult film expo of the year in Las Vegas this week, has already presented itself to the music industry and other mainstream entertainment.

Much of the Internet competition for the U.S. porn world, largely based in southern California, comes from Web sites like Toronto, Canada-based XTube.com, whose format is modeled after Google’s YouTube.

Some of the videos on the XTube site come from commercial studios while others are posted by amateurs.

“We’re not pirates. We are providing a service that people think they can use to pirate,” said Lance Cassidy, one of XTube’s founders.

The Web site has 200,000 free videos, typically 30 seconds to two minutes long, and about 1 percent of visitors buy DVDs or video streams, resulting in millions of dollars of annual revenue, sales director Curtis Potec said. About two thirds of XTube’s viewers are gay, Potec said.

“We’ve had tons and tons of people tell us this is the future of the adult industry,” Potec said. “Most of the money is ads, on any site, mainstream or adult.”

Scott Coffman, president of Adult Entertainment Broadcast Network (AEBN) in North Carolina, says his company started a YouTube-type site a year-and-a-half ago to generate revenue through advertising and drive traffic to pay-per-minute sites.

AEBN limits free clips to three minutes. Users make about a quarter of them.

“They don’t convert that well when you give away so much. There is a fine line between giving away something small, a teaser … and giving away the whole thing,” Coffman said.

He said his company has revenue of about $100 million a year and is facing a lawsuit from Vivid accusing AEBN of piracy.

Vivid’s Hirsch says he will sue other video-sharing sites.

“This industry is going to have to get together and look at these guys that are putting out the stuff for free … so they are going to have to get in line and start paying for it,” Hirsch said.

“If that doesn’t happen and we see all of this free content out there, people are not going to be able to afford to produce movies anymore.”


Videotape, fewer prosecutions, DVDs and Internet advertising created an unprecedented boom the U.S. sex film business since the 1980s.

Many studios post short clips on Internet video-sharing sites as advertising to sell more movies.

“This is something we constantly discuss in our office. Is it too much,” said Garion Hall, chief executive of Abbywinters.com, an Australian company featuring lesbians.

Hall said only one out of 500 viewers clicks over to his site from free clips and of those only one in 50 subscribes.

Some adult industry executives say a solution may lie in future distribution deals with big companies such as AT&T Inc, Verizon Communications Inc, Comcast Corp and Apple Inc.

An Apple spokeswoman said the company would not comment if it had held past talks or was interested in distributing adult product. A spokeswoman for Comcast, the largest U.S. cable provider, said the firm offered adult content in its video-on-demand service but said she knew of no talks for mobile adult distribution.

Sales of sex films to mobile devices occur in Europe but have yet to take off in the United States.

“We won’t make money through adult content,” said Verizon Wireless spokesman Ken Muche.

AT&T did not comment.

Jay Grdina, president of ClubJenna Inc, a division of Playboy, says sharing previews is a mistake. “We’re getting bitten by our own sword,” he said.

Grdina, former husband and on-scene partner of Jenna Jameson, one of the industry’s most famous porn stars, said he has met companies such as Microsoft and Apple to seek wireless and other distribution deals that could allow easy downloads to devices such as iPods.

A spokesman for Microsoft said they were not in talks to distribute adult content.

“The revenues are massive,” Grdina said. But “the biggest fear is share price: what are the shareholders going to say?”

It’s pretty cool to see news stories pop up in the regular media about porn, and the porn business. Also cool to see a few links to porn sites in mainstream everyday news. Kudos to those who interviewed well.

2257 Software Packages

Not sure which of these companies will be making it in the long run, but then again, does a basic database program really need future added features? I have not yet had a chance to see if any of these programs have a part that allows you to print updated DVD labels, or if any of them will incorporate some kind of dynamic script for website updates. Of course there is much speculation that the current 2257 regulations will be struck down or rewritten. There have even been recent articles where the FBI is not currently checking secondary producers. I assume they know the current 2257 regs will be updated and take out this requirement, which may hurt the business plan for some of these software companies.

from Xbiz:

2257 Software Packages
By Jet Lynn

These software packages are available commercially for those who prefer not to start their digital record-keeping systems from scratch:

Operating system: Novell Linux,
Windows XP/Vista, Mac 10.4 or better
Support: Phone, email, web-based tickets and user forums
Developer: Metrosharp Corp.
MSRP: Free to less than $1,000
URL: 2257MadeEasy.com

Metrosharp Corp. in May acquired Psyance LLC’s 2257MadeEasy, the first commercial 2257-compliance package on the market. The new owner, comprised of former Microsoft employees, plans to release Version 2.0 in January after a complete overhaul.

2257 Model Age Verification and Information System (MAVIS)
Operating system: Win 98, XP Home/Pro
Support: Phone, email, instant messenger, fax
Developer: Brady & Associates LLC
MSRP: $299.99 to $999.99
URL: 2257ware.com

MAVIS has been available since mid-2005 and doesn’t seem to have evolved much (if at all) since late that year. It’s a standalone Windows application that uses a proprietary database and provides a separate inspection query application and built-in image scanning and manipulation capabilities.

2257 Software
Operating system: Linux
Support: Email
Developer: Robert Lum
MSRP: Free
URL: 2257Software.org

Generically named 2257 Software is a freeware product designed for Linux servers equipped with an Apache server, PHP and MySQL or PostgreSQL. Records may be synchronized between primary and secondary producers as long as both employ the same software and both databases are connected to the web. It’s a basic effort that requires some programming knowledge to use effectively, but for small studios on a budget, it could be a viable solution. An auditing feature allows users to track changes to the database.

2257 Tracker
Operating system: Windows 98/2000/XP
Support: Email
Developer: Kelly Copley
MSRP: Free
URL: Studio9AndAHalf.100Webspace.net

Released in August, 2257 Tracker is another freeware product that provides basic record-keeping abilities. An attractive interface allows both entry and inspection of records, although in inspection mode some data is obscured and all data is locked so it can’t be changed. Cross-referencing and search capabilities are limited, and there is no built-in ability to synchronize records between companies.

Cool-Content 2257 Records Keeping System
Operating system: Windows 98/ME/2000/NT/XP
Support: Email, instant messenger
Developer: Cool-Content.com
MSRP: Free
URL: Cool-Content.com/cc2257rks.html

A simple product consisting primarily of an input interface that posts data to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, CC2257RKS hasn’t been updated since December 2005. It’s still freely available for download via the website, but drawbacks in design and database size probably make it inappropriate for all but the smallest content producers. Everything must be entered by hand (a task made easier by drop-down help in the data-entry interface and on the product’s website); there’s no easy way to index, rearrange, search or collate data; and sharing between primary and secondary producers is next to impossible except by exporting the data on one end and re-entering it on the other).

Operating system: Linux/Unix/BSD with PHP, MySQL, Zend Optimizer and Perl ImageMagic
Support: Phone, email, instant messenger
Developer: Mansion Productions
MSRP: Free
URL: MansionProductions.com/mas/mp2257.html

An add-on module for Mansion Productions’ back-end management solutions, MP§2257 is provided and installed free of charge for all Members Area Management System and MPA3 clients who request it. Seamlessly integrated and synchronized with MAS and MPA3, MP§2257 can pull information from both systems and alerts producers when content records are out of date. Manual content entry also is possible. When used with affiliate manager MPA3, records may be distributed automatically to secondary producers.

Operating system: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP, Unix/Linux
Support: Phone, email
Developer: Strategic Systems Inc.
MSRP: $1,000 monthly
URL: 2257-Compliance.com

One of the more robust systems on the market, TrueCompliance was developed by an attorney who’s also a software engineer. With a proprietary database that can expand almost infinitely, impeccable cross-referencing abilities and built-in web-spidering (for image URLs) and image recognition and importing components, it’s got more power than small companies may need but large companies may find it invaluable even at the steep monthly fee (which includes updates and personalized automation and migration scripts).

Operating system: Multiple platforms (interaction via web browser)
Support: Phone, email, instant messenger
Developer: Entertainment Records
MSRP: $49.95 to $149.95 monthly
URL: 2257ok.com

xLegal (formerly 2257ok) maintains a secure, centralized database of indexed and cross-referenced records (including supplemental documentation like model releases) from all the producers who use it and also allows clients to keep copies of their records locally. In addition, whenever a record is updated, records at all client locations are updated automatically. A web-based interface facilitates entry and retrieval of records from anywhere, and a second interface allows government-authorized inspectors to view only the information they require.

Operating system: Win 95, Win98SE,
XP Home/Pro, Mac OSX
Support: Web-based contact form
Developer: Keyframe Multimedia Inc.
MSRP: $49.95 to $149.95
URL: YTracker.com

Truly a standalone machine system, YTracker was designed for small to medium-sized operations. Most recently updated in March, it offers a number of benefits for the tech-challenged: It’s easy to install and use, can install software upgrades by itself via the Internet, doesn’t require a server, and the database can be moved between Windows and Mac operating systems seamlessly. On the negative side, because its size is limited and it doesn’t “talk” to other users, it’s not the best choice for large companies or primary producers who need to share their records with secondaries.

Operating system: Win XP or 2003 Server
Support: Phone, email, instant messenger
Developer: ZEI Pty. Ltd.
MSRP: $795 plus $45 monthly to $2,995 plus $165 monthly (single-user license)
URL: ZEI2257.com

With clients like AEBN, Metro, Naughty America, Hustler, California Exotic Novelties and BurningAngel.com, ZEI 2557 is one of the more popular software solutions. All records are stored in a relational database, allowing them to be cross-referenced, associated and retrieved based on any number of criteria. The system also performs some content cataloging functions, allowing producers to track and manage all sorts of data about their intellectual property.

Ala. Legislator to File Bill to Revoke Sex Toy Ban

Ala. Legislator to File Bill to Revoke Sex Toy Ban
2nd attempt to bring ‘the state into the 20th century,’ Rep. Rogers said.

From Xbiz

By Anne Winter
Tuesday, Dec 4, 2007 Adjust font size:
MONTGOMERY, Ala. — A Birmingham legislator has filed a bill to revoke the state’s ban on the sale of sex toys, the second he has filed since the law’s inception in 1998.

Rep. John Rogers, D-Birmingham, told the Birmingham News that the law is unconstitutional and embarrassing to the state.

“A shower head could be considered a sex toy,” he said. “It’s just bringing the state into the 20th century.”

This is the same law that adult shop owner Sherri Williams has spent a decade fighting. Despite losing the battle in October, Williams told XBIZ she will not stop selling adult toys in her store and is working with her lawyers on a new lawsuit challenging the law’s validity.

Though the U.S. Supreme Court refused in October to hear Williams’ case, seemingly ending the fight and making selling sex toys officially illegal in the state, a circuit court recently deemed the law too vague after an attempt to shut down an adult store, opening the issue up for debate.

“I intend to pass this bill this year,” Rogers said. “I want it to be one of the first bills on the calendar.”

The bill reportedly may be discussed Feb. 5.

6th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules 2257 Unconstitutional

from AVN:

6th Circuit Court of Appeals Rules 2257 Unconstitutional
Connection Distributing Scores Landmark Victory

By David Sullivan

Posted: 10:04 AM PST Oct 23, 2007

CINCINNATI – The United States Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit ruled today in the case of Connection Distributing Co. et. al. v. Keisler that the federal 2257 record-keeping statute is unconstitutional and overbroad.

“This is huge, huge news for the entire industry,” attorney J. Michael Murray told AVN. “It means that the statute has been declared unconstitutional in its entirety, at least in the 6th Circuit. This is the result we’ve all been aiming for; it’s a monumental victory. We’ve been fighting this battle for twelve long years, and this is the third time I argued the case on the 6th Circuit. Finally, we got a court to agree with us.”

A sister company to Cleveland-based video distributor GVA-TWN, the now-defunct Connection published approximately a dozen swinger’s magazines with personal ads containing sexually explicit photographs.

Connection originally filed suit against the government in September 1995, challenging the constitutionality of the 2257 statute on First Amendment grounds. Following a long, drawn-out series of appeals, today’s ruling firmly decides the case in Connection’s favor.

Three circuit judges weighed in on today’s panel ruling. In the 27-page opinion, the court stated: “We conclude that the statute is overbroad and therefore violates the First Amendment, and accordingly we reverse the district court’s judgment and remand with instructions to enter summary judgment for the plaintiffs.”

Murray praised Connection publisher and CEO of GVA-TWN Rondee Kamins for her persistence in pursuing the case. Kamins was one of three individual plaintiffs represented in the suit. The other two plaintiffs are anonymous individuals who sought to place explicit ads in Connection publications, arguing that the requirements of 2257 law compromised their privacy and freedom of expression.

“Rondee Kamins has fought this battle for twelve years, and she is a hero for what she has done in that long, long fight; she never gave up,” Murray said. “This was our third trip to the US Court of Appeals for the 6th Circuit and Rondee Kamins is owed an enormous debt of gratitude from the entire industry for this hard-fought battle she waged over these many years.”

“We’re ecstatic about the opinion,” Kamins told AVN. “I cannot say enough about Mike Murray and his staff. It was their terrific argument presented to the courts that made this whole thing possible. It’s been a long, tough road; we were in and out of court so many times. We were in federal court in Cleveland, we were in appeals court in Cincinnatti. I’m just thrilled.”

First Amendment attorney Reed Lee pointed out that very little of the court’s opinion focused specifically on the swinger’s magazines.

“For the first time time in at least a dozen years, we have judges that are digging deep to look at the fundamentals of section 2257,” Lee noted. “And as we have always thought, when they do so, they will find them wanting. When the analysis gets down to the level that these judges assess 2257 on, we’re beyond the particulars of swingers magazines vs. videos vs. internet – this is a very fundamental level, and it’s holding that the statute is flawed in the way it imposes burdens on everybody that has anything to do with this type of expression.”

Although the ruling applies only in the 6th Circuit (Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Tennessee), Lee feels the case sets an important and gratifying precedent in the battle against 2257.

“The government says that its interest behind 2257 is in combating child porn,” Lee explained. “The problem is that virtually all of what 2257 applies to is not child porn. Each of the [three judges’] opinions today holds that 2257 is not narrowly tailored to an interest in suppressing child porn, because it applies to so much that is not child porn. This has been one of the fundamental objections to section 2257 all along.”

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FSC, Lockton Team Up to Provide Health Insurance

From Xbiz:

FSC, Lockton Team Up to Provide Health Insurance

By Anne Winter
Tuesday, Oct 23, 2007 Adjust font size:
CANOGA PARK, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition has partnered with privately held insurance broker Lockton to offer FSC members customized personal- and business-related health insurance options.

FSC Director of Membership Services Scott Lowther told XBIZ that after conducting a survey of its members, the organization found that one of the top two concerns shared by many in the industry is health insurance.

“Members will get very specific customized services from a dedicated team in L.A.,” Lowther said. “Lockton will assess each [company] that calls in to see exactly what its needs are and then link them to the best option for them in their part of the country.”

Lowther said FSC chose to work with Lockton because of its familiarity with and interest in the adult industry. He said the firm has researched the specific issues unique to the industry and is prepared to address the needs of all FSC members.

“Lockton is the largest privately held insurance brokerage firm in the world,” Lowther said. “It has a huge client base of fortune 500 companies in mainstream America, has international offices, and is really familiar with this industry and the kinds of things that our industry faces.”

Lowther also said Lockton has name recognition and an extremely high customer retention and satisfaction rate, which also was most appealing to FSC.

Lowther said that discount rates may be available for larger adult companies.

“The Free Speech Coalition is often viewed as a litigation-only organization,” Lowther said. “While we do protect our members through major litigation efforts when necessary, FSC is committed to its broader role as the national trade association of the adult entertainment industry.
Free Speech Coalition for more

Judge Dismisses All Charges Against One Five Star Defendant

Judge Dismisses All Charges Against One Five Star Defendant
Surprise Move in Obscenity Case
from AVN.com
By Mark Kernes

Posted: 6:34 PM PST Oct 23, 2007

PHOENIX – Late this afternoon, and over strenuous objections from prosecutor Ken Whitted, Judge Roslyn O. Silver dismissed all charges against Ken Graham, co-owner of Five Star Video LC and Five Star Video Outlet LC.

Judge Silver noted that the government had presented only one witness and one document that directly tied Graham to the website www.fivestardvd.com, from which FBI agent Tod Price had ordered the four DVDs originally charged as obscene. She further noting that that witness, former Five Star employee James Puckett, had testified that Graham, who lives in Las Vegas, was only on the Five Star premises in Tempe, AZ sporadically – “He’d be there for a week, gone for a week,” Puckett said – and that Graham had only discussed shipping procedures generally with Puckett. Therefore, the judge ruled, the government had failed to show that Graham had the scienter – knowledge of the character and content of the charged videos – necessary to be found guilty of the charges of transporting obscene materials.

Whitted had argued that the fact that Graham was, according to domain name registrar Network Solutions, the registrant of the site www.fivestardvd.com was sufficient to prove that Graham “owned” the site, and was therefore responsible for any allegedly obscene materials sold through it, but Graham’s attorney Jeffrey Douglas countered that the registrant of a domain name was not necessarily the owner, and didn’t necessarily have any direct knowledge of what happened on the site – and that the government had failed to provide any evidence that Graham had such knowledge.

“Of course, we’re overjoyed by the win,” Graham said, referring not only to himself but to his father who had been in the courtroom throughout the trial, and to his sister who had been there today.

Not so happy was co-defendant Chris Ankeney, whose attorney, Richard Hertzberg, had failed in his motion to have the charges dismissed against his client.

Hertzberg had argued that Ankeney had had no connection to the website at all; that he had only been in charge of Five Star’s retail store, Five Star Video Outlet; that Ankeney had not been familiar with either JM Productions, its owner Jeff Steward or the character of JM’s product; and that the government had presented no evidence that Ankeney had affirmatively ordered any of the charged videos: Filthy Things 6, Gag Factor 15 and 18; and American Bukkake 13.

Whitted, however, countered that Ankeney was the on-site partner, noting that Puckett had put Ankeney at the Five Star location at least four days per week, and that Ankeney was the person who generally gave Puckett his assignments. Judge Silver felt that that was sufficient to impute to Ankeney knowledge of the products Five Star sold, though for that statement, she did not appear to distinguish between items for sale in the retail store and items for sale through the website.

All of the above took place outside the hearing of the jury, which had been dismissed at approximately 2:30 this afternoon, allowing the attorneys to argue several motions regarding admissibility of evidence – particularly material comparable to the DVDs charged here – and the motions to dismiss all charges. How the jury will react when it returns at 9 a.m. tomorrow and finds one less defendant and one less defense attorney in the room can only be a matter of speculation.

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This is no surprise to us, the country has become much more accepting and aware of many issues that were once taboo. Sexuality is no longer obscene. This is not the 1950s where saying the word rape was wrong. This is post 2000, and people are no longer surprised by other people’s sexuality. Obscene for one person is norm for another, and no one wants to have other people judging their kinks, and so they are judging not.

gooddykeporn launches affiliate program

Foudn this article from xbiz


VANCOUVER, B.C. — Newbie genderqueer website, GoodDykePorn.com, has announced the launch of its affiliate program, also called Good Dyke Porn. Webmasters can visit the main site and access the program by navigating to the affiliate page.

“There’s no fancy name,” Good Dyke Porn founder Bren Ryder told XBIZ. “Just a sign-up option for webmasters to help spread the word of Good Dyke Porn while making money at the same time.”

Reflecting the increasing sexual fluidity that seems to have become more prevalent with the younger generation of gay women or individuals defining themselves as “genderqueer,” Good Dyke Porn features bisexual, queer and transgender performers. Ryder uses local amateur talent and emphasizes the authentic sexual orientation of the models, as opposed to “mainstream” lesbian content that is produced by straight companies for a primarily male audience.

Read more at Xbiz

The world needs a good site that will list what the glbt community would consider good gay or good dyke porn. It’s tough for some people to separate what would be considered eye candy b rate porn and what real good lesbian porn action really is. Glad to see it is happening. Now if I can just get Brooke to shoot some new material with us I could submit some new stuff for inclusion!