Nasty Dollars affiliate program for adult webmasters

These guys have some good content and some great sites. The webmaster area is kind of pain to novitiate sometimes, as it often asks for your webmaster password several times, but the sites they have do convert to sales and dollars, so I trudge along and continue to promote them.

Webmasters click here to sing up and start promoting nasty dollars

They are the affiliate program for these great web sites:

  • All Amateur Movies
  • Big tits boss
  • big naturals
  • cam crush
  • boys first time (gay)
  • Captiain stabbin (kind of like bang boat – not a big fan of this guy)
  • Cum Fiesta – pretty good content
  • dangerous dongs
  • daredorm – great concept – should convert well
  • extreme asses
  • first time auditions
  • In the VIP
  • Miles Apartment – great concept, decent content
  • MILF hunter – popular keywords past couple of years
  • Money Talks – good content
  • Pue 18
  • the Reality Kings sites – good content, great site designs
  • We live together – great lesbian / teen content – love it.

They also have several other sites in their portfolio for promoting. I like the content and conversions, I just wish the webmaster area was easier to navigate and getting galleries and content wasn’t such a pain in the ass. I would also like to have button on webmaster galleries (here at other programs also) to take out all latina and asian when getting galleries.

The also do the affiliate sign ups for – which does have some cool promo materials and great banners.


Stripper Space now beta testing

We have wanted to set up a social network space for strippers for some time now. We dabbled with some software and made attempts to acquire the domain that we wanted for years. This week all that effort has paid off, and we are now beta testing

So far it’s basic, and our initial tests say it’s functional. We are looking for feedback from users and webmasters at this point. Tell us what you think! We have enjoyed helping strippers promote their careers, network, and even get into the adult film portion of the industry. This portal should help them do more of that.

Exotic entertainers should find it a friendly way to share more about themselves, as you can post nude pictures and videos without the worry of getting censored or deleted by myspace, facebook, and the other prude spaces that people have had issues with. This network should be a fun place for fans, exotic entertainers, and strip clubs alike.

other sites ranking and aggregating info for chat sites

In the past 24 hours I have been checking for other places that are talking about chat sites on the internet, mainly looking to see what other people are saying about the various portals. It amazes me sometimes when checking stats to see that a good chunk of traffic for some of our adult sites come from emails sent to people from friends. It also amazes me how people will start conversations about sites in various blogs and other online communities. More surprising the past day has been finding so many aggregation sites posting info.

There seems to be a slew of places that list page rank, traffic, ranking, site values and other information. I guess this info is public anyway, but seeing places setup entire sites dedicated to showcasing other people’s stats and stuff is kind of weird. I am not exactly sure how I feel about places like this checker just promoting information without consent. I guess there is nothing that can be done about it, other than post around the web saying that these automated valuations don’t have a clue sometimes, that should be obvious, I just hope people don’t consider any of the gospel.

Sex toys for men online

Sex toys for men have not gotten a lot of press or dinner table conversation I guess. From what I can tell men don’t even talk much about sexual enhancement with each other anywhere as much as women do. Maybe I’m wrong, but it just seems that there is not near as much conversation in the world about sex toys for men.

Well one web site is starting to change that, Sex toys for a man offers candid advice for men who would like to enhance their sexual performance with information about pocket pussy, cockrings, sex dolls, and more. They even have info about choosing a penis pump. The site is in initial re-launch, and will get more updates to become a complete resource for men and women who need advice in considering sexual products to purchase for a man.

What is new on the sex web these days?

Well there are a few new projects launching!

We are excited to see new blogs launching to help consumers learn more and engage in conversation with the industry veterans. There is a new blog at sex toys sex movies, and the adult wordpress blogs are going through an upgrade process this week as well! We are hoping to see new themes and functionality to be added including video uploads! Terms for commercial use and premium blog prices have not yet been decided, but that should be hashed out soon. Most likely we’ll see small fees at first that will increase as bandwidth does.

There has been a lot of debate online and off about tube sites, and we have developing our philosophy about tube sites over the past year. Certainly there will be some industry agreements, but will we be able to get everyone on that page? My thought about tubes will take another post (or ten) to get out, but I do think that some changes in the technology would benefit everyone involved in the tube business, and those who are not in the tube business as well.

I’d like to get together with some good tech peeps that know how to use ffmpeg and create a tube program that is easy to use and has features that protect content publishers, as well as make it easier to push for upsells to everyone. The technology is close, and these are plenty of scripts out there already – so it shouldn’t be a huge project!

Well we just wanted to post and let everyone know that we are still dedicated to working on our adult projects, and apologize for the long delay in updating, we have been waiting to see what happened with the election before deciding what direction we were going with our adult projects. Now that’s been decided we are moving forward with the plans!

AEI adult investment web site

From their site:

AEI is a one of a kind company that offers professional services to inexperienced investors who have always had a passion to own their own adult business but lack the experience or ability to 100% finance a project. We also help existing business owners improve or expand their businesses through our consulting or management services.

I don’t know anything about this company, just found their web site. FYI. This is not a testimonial for them.

Mayer Laboratories’ Manga Sutra Display Hits Market for Sex Toy Retailers

Mayer Laboratories’ Manga Sutra Hits Market
Graphic novel provides sex tips and tricks.
From AVN
By Adrian Peterson

Posted: 5:00 AM PST Jan 23, 2008

BERKELEY, Calif. – Mayer Laboratories Inc. has released Manga Sutra, a graphic novel the company describes as the “best-selling sex guide of Japan.”

“Manga is a Japanese cartoon style that is now a multibillion-dollar industry world-wide,” said Public Relations Representative Fabio Rios. He said millions of copies are sold in Japan every week, and the United States’ manga market is estimated to be $200 million.

The “how to” sex guide is a graphic novel about two young newlyweds exploring their sex life. Neither of the characters knows anything about sex. The book is fully illustrated and graphic but made in a tasteful and humorous manner, Rios said.

Manga Sutra provides tips and tricks, from foreplay to afterglow, that are designed to help partners better please each other.

“I’ve flipped through the book, and I must say it’s very exciting,” Rios said.
Rios said Mayer Laboratories has created a point-of-purchase display that includes a variety of Kimono condoms and Aqua Lube lubricants. Each pack of Kimono condoms in the display includes a 16-page Manga Sutra teaser.

Portable Stripper Cages

Ben sent me a link to a new site that is offering portable stripper cages. Not sure I like the wheels on the base with this design, and I definitely prefer the cages that are made by Dungeon Steel, however it is cool to see other people making portable dance cage designs.

stripper cage

Portable Stripper Cages at Riff Raff Customs

Cages at Dungeon Steel