A concept for making porn people want to own on DVD / Blu-Ray

I’d love to write a full rant about how the porn business and music business of years past set themselves up for failure with excessive greed and many bad choices – but perhaps I will write that up in a different post. I only have time to get the basics of this idea out today, hopefully with enough details for it to make sense and not get laughed at, maybe I will update this post with more details to reinforce the point later. For now, I saw a DVD set online today that made me remember my suggestions to those in music business years ago (that seemed to fall on deaf ears) – it is something I have seen some mainstream movie houses doing, and with porn more mainstream than ever, I think it is now possible for some in the industry to apply this model for consistent sales of series series if done right.

First it’s going to take top talent to produce movies with the hottest actors and actresses – it’s gotta look good in HD, and the movie itself has to match the cover. Secondly, the movie box and cover has got to have art value, something that you want to display on your shelf / DVD rack or whatever. It needs to be artistic and alluring. There are many things that can be done to make this better than what we see in most of the porn releases. Disney seems to make some great boxes and artwork that goes with their series – this could certainly be done with some of the porn series out there, and I would suggest two versions – an artcore pg-13 cover and more hardcore for those who live without kids or want to be risque like in a college dorm.

Sure this won’t work for massive sales, as not everyone will have the ability to display a huge porn collection in the living room, but I have some ideas for expanding upon that as well. Before I get into the porn chest locking art thing, we need more box sets to fit into it to make it worth adding to a room in the first place.

The movie that I saw today that made me think of this is the Voracious erotic vampire set from director John Stagliano.

I think whoever develops a line of hot art boxes will be able to make consistent sales to those who want to display erotic art at home, but often can not afford the good erotic art that is available, yet would feel they are getting a two-for-one by purchasing good porn and good art in one.

More on this later.